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Choi Woo-shik, a Korean actor who was fascinated by acting in the movie parasite and became a fan. His acting is very engraved in our hearts. In addition, his humanity, which can be seen on variety shows, is very charming and we love him.

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We designed and produced a letter cover to deliver fan’s message and name when you presented a coffee car to the drama shooting site. When thought about cover design it, We wished we had the opportunity to remember fan’s even after he saw the message.

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This time, we made it as a volunteer as one of Mr. WooShik’s fans. Please do not reproduce or reprint the content without permission.
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first image


The first thing We thought about when we heard the story was that we hope that he will continue to use and enjoy it so that he remember the gifts from everyone.

What if you transform the pouch? We also came up with a slightly bizarre idea, but of course got rejected (^^;;;

We thought that attach a clasp and fun charm because it might be usable if it looks like a document case.


The material that wraps the whole is an organic hemp herringbone woven cloth.

Cushioned padding is added to both the front and back that it feels gentle when touched.
A little cotton is also put in the embroidery of Mr. Woo-Shik on the cover part, and it is sewn with a fluffy bulge.

The clasp is silk silver trim.

The embroidered charms have small pins attached to them so that they can be removed.

1. cover front
material cover:organic hemp
2. trim with fringe
material blade:rayon & metalic thread

1: with embroidery charm removed. his embroidery is sewn with a fix.
2:String to close the cover.
closing the letter cover is completed by entwining the looped trim and the fringe trim.

3. embroidery wooshik’s dog choco
4. embroidery charm cap, sneaker, unique man

about motif of embroidery charm is the request of all the supporters. (cap, sneaker, choco of Wooshik’s family dog)
We made it from sketch, repeated trial embroidery, and settled on the current shape.
Brass chains are used as parts to the charms.

3:choco of Wooshik’s family dog
You can see choco on both the front and back. The pin part is also embroidered.

4:other embroidery charms
cap:The color is changed to white and beige on the front and back, and the initial letter W of the name is put.
sneakar:Both front and back are the same color.

4:unique man
I made embroidery from a unique illustration written by Mr. WooShik. Color the back side with gold.
Cute friend wanted to add a little playful element, with our ideas.

The triple charm is a brooch type that hangs from a brass pin.

5.facing page: grosgrain ribbon patchwork
6.corner:silk ribbon, center:stretch trim

5:Spread page.
I made a patchwork background with a grosgrain ribbon for fun when opened.

6:With the sheet attached.
The ribbons in the corners are silk and shiny. A similar color satin stretch trim is attached to the center to give it a hold function.

7.Back side
with an embroidery charm
8. Thick look

For WooShik’s embroidery, we chose the scene of playing the ukulele from the home vacation of the variety show.

Face parts is very difficult, So partner hand-sewed only the face.
But, he said.. “I’m worried because I can’t keep up with Fan’s love ..” (^^;;;

Thank you very much for this precious opportunity.
Also, we would like to watching a drama or movie of Mr. Woo Shik while Chamisul drinking…
We hope every fans all have a good time .. ^^